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Terms of use

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Each guest or registered user of the webpage,, should agree to abide by the terms of use which are mentioned below. These terms of use concern all services of the internet site provided either indirectly or directly from Gopeloponnese and apply as to internet pages, graphics, images, pictures and files on their whole. From now on, the term “Gopeloponnese pages” will be used to imply all the following web pages:,

Α. Gopeloponnese pages are by no means liable for any possible damage incurred by the guests of these web pages. Besides, the information displayed on these pages is provided without any kind of guarantee as to its accuracy and completeness. In particular, there is always the eventuality that the information posted may be out of date. It is the guest of Gopeloponnese pages who should be responsible for checking all the information provided in those pages before making use of them in any way.

B. The owners of the website of and the other web pages of Gopeloponnese or third parties who engage in redacting, producing and displaying information on the webpage disclaim any liability or responsibility for material damage or injury of any kind incurred by any user who accesses or makes use of the web page.

C. All the Gopeloponnese pages’ contents, without exception, are not intended to amount to information, advice or encouragement (to engage in actions), on which reliance should be placed. All users are responsible on their own for entering the website of Gopeloponnese. According to the intellectual property right of Gopeloponnese pages, Gopeloponnese explicitly reserves the right to display advertising material of any kind on all of its web pages, without the obligation to warn about it first, to regard it trustworthy or accept its content.

D. Gopeloponnese pages disclaim any reliability in connection with the content of the web pages being advertised on it. The same as above applies even as to the availability, to data protection policy and to the quality of products and services as well. The guest and the user acknowledge the fact that Gopeloponnese pages cannot be considered liable for any issues which may accrue -during their visit- from the usage of products or from services of other websites to which one or more Gopeloponnese pages refer by means of some advertising content. On the contrary, they should address to the pages advertised, which are respectively responsible for this.

E. Gopeloponnese pages also reserve the right to modify, to partially or completely change their services without prior warning.

F. The information, services and contents are provided from Gopeloponnese pages without any warranties as to their continuity or lack of errors. Additionally, it cannot guarantee that the website of Gopeloponnese pages or of pertinent to it websites, have not been infected by viruses or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful.