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Harbour of Porto Heli

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Porto Heli is a popular tourist destination in Argolis in the summer. The harbor is a closed and protected gulf that protects the ships from the strong wind. What is more, its infrastructure and its spaciousness make it possible to host inflatable boats and all kinds of ships, even yachts and cabin cruisers. There is a wide range of restaurants and night clubs where you can have fun till early in the morning. Due to the popularity of the harbor of Porto Heli there are frequent itineraries towards the islands of Argosaronikos Gulf and towards Piraeus while on a daily basis they organize cruises to nearby coastal areas.


Information (+30) 27540 53333




Open Sea Sailing

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In June the Nautical Sports Club of New Epidaurus in cooperation with the Nautical Sports Club of Peace and Friendship organize the well-known Open Sea Sailing entitled “Epidaurus” in the crystal clear water of the Argo-Saronic Gulf and in the area of New Epidaurus. The spectators will enjoy the contest, the energy and the great eagerness of the people who participate.




The "Dolines of Didyma"

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The dolines of Didyma are a rare geological phenomenon that refers to the creation of craters and is attributed to the subsidence of the ground in the area or to the fall of meteorites. The discovery of stone tools in the Late Neolithic period in one of the caves shows that people went there in prehistoric times to protect themselves. What is more, the visitors can admire two exceptionally beautiful chapels, the chapel of Saint George and the chapel of the Metamorphosis of Soter, which are situated in the other Doline.



The Ververonta Lagoon

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In close proximity to the cosmopolitan Porto Heli there is the exceptionally beautiful Ververonta lagoon, which has been incorporated in the European network “Corine Biotopes”. This natural landscape has a calming effect on the visitors and so does a visit to the remote chapel of Panagitsa, which guards the natural beauty of the area.



Katafyki Gorge

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Between the villages Fourni and Ermioni there is an exceptionally beautiful natural landscape, Katafyki Gorge, which is a protected zone due to its rare beauty and the wildlife that it hosts. It is an ideal place for hiking and climbing. Climbing includes itineraries for beginners who want to get a taste of climbing without putting themselves in danger. This place is connected with the village Fourni through a historical bridge.



Thermisia Lagoon

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The famous Thermisia Lagoon was named after the beautiful village of Thermisia which is located to the east of Ermioni. According to tradition the village and the lagoon were named after the hot springs that were created in the area. Nowadays this place has become one of the most important biotopes of the area. For this reason it was incorporated into national and global protection networks such as the European network “Corine Biotopes”. A large number of rare migratory birds are hosted in the quiet water of the lagoon every year and with their singing and playing they help the visitors relax in a colourful landscape with a variety of sounds.



Franchthi Cave

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The Franchthi cave is situated opposite the village Kilada on an unwelcoming, rocky and bushy hill by the sea. This cave has two chambers and a small lake. The western entrance of the cave is situated 12.5 metres above the sea level and 50 metres away from the coast. The cave is 150 metres deep and inside it we have discovered stone tools, human bones, female figurines, ornaments, terracotta utensils, processed shells, as well as remnants of deer, wild donkeys, foxes and various other animals. However, the most important discovery was that of a human skeleton because it is the oldest and best preserved skeleton that has been found in Greece. This Paleolithic “residence” is ideal for activities such as climbing, trekking at the Labagiana beach and swimming in the crystal clear water of the area.