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The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation

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The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation "Vassilios Papantoniou" was founded in 1974 thanks to the costume and set designer Ioanna Papantoniou who wanted to study, save and promote the rich Greek folklore. Due to its important contribution the museum received the European Museum Award 1981. The folklore museum which is housed on the ground floor and on the two floors of a neoclassical building that covers 600 square metres has approximately 27,000 objects and it shows the rich folklore of the country. The exhibits that you can admire here are local costumes, embroidery, weapons, jewellery, tools, utensils, maps of the city, photographs of monuments that haven’t been preserved and objects relating to folk theatre.

1 Vassileos Alexandrou Street, Naflio
Tel.: (+30) 27520 28947

Opening hours
Every day 09:00 -14:30
Closed on Tuesday
Ticket 2 euros




Archaeological Museum of Nafplio

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Coming from the west side of the Syntagma Square next to the Parliament building, where the first important moments of the independent Greek state unraveled, we shall find the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio that is housed in a majestic Venetian two-storey building constructed in 1713 and covering 580 square metres. There is a permanent collection of 2,000 archaeological findings. These exhibits are organized chronologically and they show how civilizations developed in the area of Argolis.


Address: Syntagma Square, 21100 Nafplio

Tel.: (+30) 27520 27502 Fax: (+30) 27520 24690

Opening hours

Winter Tuesday-Sunday 8:30-15:00

Summer Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-16:00

Ticket: 2 euros




War Museum of Nafplio

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If we drive down Amalias avenue in the city of Nafplio, we shall find the War Museum of Nafplio. The museum is housed in a neoclassical building and it is an ornament to the city centre. The museum first started as an annex to the War Museum of Athens and among its exhibits you can see works of art, weapons, official public documents, costumes and war material. The visitors have the chance to go back in time from the Greek Revolution in 1821 to the liberation of Greece from the rule of the Germans in 1944. What is more, the museum has a special place for various temporary exhibitions.

Address: 22 Amalias Street, Nafplio
Tel.: (+30) 27520 25591
Opening hours
Monday closed
Tuesday – Sunday 09:00-14:00
Admission fee: 2 euros




Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus

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The Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus is housed inside the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Asclepius. It was built in 1897 by the Archaeological Society and it was fully operating after its construction work was completed in 1909. The exhibits date from the Archaic period to the Roman times. The visitors can admire various types of inscriptions, medical instruments of the same historical period, statuettes, small offerings, as well as extensive parts of ancient buildings from the sanctuary of Asclepius, the most important of which are Propilea, the temple of Asclepius and the temple of Artemis.


Information Sanctuary of Asclepius in Epidaurus

Ligourio in Argolida Tel.: (+30) 27530 22009

Opening hours

Winter 08:00 - 17:00 & Summer 08:00 - 19:30

Ticket: 6 euros




National Gallery of Nafplio

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The National Gallery of Nafplio is housed in a neoclassical building dating to the early 20th century and it has got a ground floor and a first floor covering 120 square metres each. It was built in 1905 according to the marble inscription on the wall next to the entrance. The exhibits you can admire are works of art, sculptures, everyday life objects, as well as weapons used by the fighters of 1821. Apart from the main room with the exhibits, there is also a library with a large collection of art books and folios. Various exhibitions are often housed in the museum. What is more, educational programs are carried out here and there is also a children’s art lab.



23 Sidiras Merarhias Street, Nafplio
Tel. (+30) 27520 21915
Opening hours
Monday, Thursday, Saturday 10:00-15:00
Wednesday, Friday 10:00-15:00, 17:00-20:00
Tuesday closed
Full: 3 euro




Archaeological Museum of Mycenae

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The Archaeological Museum of Mycenae is situated within the archaeological site of Mycenae and it is housed in an exceptionally beautiful building that has three floors. This particular place was chosen so as to keep the findings in their natural environment. In the museum there are approximately 2,500 findings that are exhibited in three rooms where they are thematically and chronologically divided into 4 autonomous sections. Among the findings there are objects made of clay, stone, metal, as well as valuable works of art that date from the Late Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period. At the entrance of the museum the visitors can see a model of the acropolis and there is also a lot of audiovisual material that gives them the chance to better understand the Mycenaean civilization.

Information Acropolis of Mycenae

Tel.: (+30) 27510 76585

Opening hours / Winter 08:00 - 15:00 & Summer 08:00 - 19:00

Ticket: 8 euros