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Museums in Arkadia



Ecclesiastical Museum of Dimitsana

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Dimitsana is situated near the square of the historic village of Dimitsana, which is housed in the renovated home of Gregorios V. It is a two-storey traditional house, where icons, vestments, implements, crosses, gospels and other ecclesiastical objects are on display.


Ecclesiastical Museum (Dimitsana)

Opening Hours: 10.00 - 13.30 & 17.00 - 19.00

Wednesday & Thursday closed

Information: (+30) 27950 31217


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Library of Dimitsana

The Library of Dimitsana is a very important sight in this historic area. It was founded in 1764 by two monks from the school of Smyrni, Gerasimos Gounas and Agapios Leonardos. At first, it served as an ecclesiastical school, from which many well-known hierarchs graduated during the rule of the Turks. A great part of its invaluable treasure was lost during the Greek Revolution. In the course of time the library has been enriched through various donations and today it has about 35,000 books. Apart from the books, there are also rare documents, codices, manuscripts, as well as many exhibits relating to the Greek Revolution. 

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 - 13.30

Information: (+30) 27950 31219


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Archaeological Museum of Astros

The Archaeological Museum of Astros is situated in the centre of the historic city of Astros and it is housed in the building of the old School of Karytsiotis (second half of the 20th century). The municipality gave the building to the Ephorate of Antiquities and after extensive renovations the museum was inaugurated in 1985. The exhibits of the museum come mostly from the villa of Herodes Atticus (2nd century A.D.) which was situated near Paralio Astros and next to the Monastery of Loukou that was built in 1117 A.D. Among the most important exhibits are: a portrait of Herodes Atticus from his villa (2nd century A.D.), a votive relief that depicts Hermes and the Nymphs dating back to the time of Augustus and a gravestone that depicts a woman and a daughter sitting down (4th century B.C.).


Information: (+30) 27550 22201 & (+30) 27550 23701


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Panarcadic Archaeological Museum of Tripoli

The Panarcadic Archaeological Museum of Tripoli is housed in the two-storey neoclassical building of Ernst Ziller. At the beginning of the century the Panarcadic hospital “Evangelistria” was housed in this building but then it was converted into a museum (1980 – 1986) and it was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture Melina Mercury in 1986. The museum is an important centre of the archaeological activities in the area of Arcadia and it regularly hosts important educational and cultural events. The museum has a large number of collections that consist of findings dating from the Neolithic, Geometric and Mycenaean period to the Classical, Hellenistic period and Roman times, as well as the early Christian and Pre-Byzantine period. The exhibits include pottery, sculptures, inscriptions, utensils and findings from an ancient cemetery.


Archaeological Museum of Tripoli

Information: (+30) 2710 242148 


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Museum of Alexandros Papanastasiou

The Museum of Alexandros Papanastasiou is housed in the town hall of Levidi, which is his home town and it opened in 1976. The museum bears his name and it is devoted to his life and work. Alexandros Papanastasiou was a great politician. He was prime minister of Greece from 1924 to 1932 and the museum has exhibits relating to his personal and professional life. There are a lot of photographs including rare personal and family photographs, his personal library, which has about 2,000 books, and many other personal items.


Adress: 22002 Levidi

Information: (+30) 27963 60009

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Open-Air Water Power Museum

The Open-Air Water Power Museum which is situated next to Kefalari in Ai-Giannis, near Dimitsana, opened in 1997. Its goal is to promote the importance of water power in the local society during the pre-industrial period. It is a thematic museum, whose buildings have been renovated and the mechanisms of the former industrial complex that used only water power have been preserved. In this area there are other beautiful sights such as the gorge of Lucius, the bridge of Monopori, the Monasteries of Philosophos and Prodromos, as well as ancient Gortys.


Adress: Kefalari - Ai Giannia

22007 Dimitsana

Information: (+30) 27950 31630

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Archaeological Museum of Lykosoura

The Archaeological Museum of Lykosoura is situated to the south of the prefecture of Arcadia, 15 km outside Megalopoli. It was built inside the archaeological site so as to house the findings that would come to light after the excavations of the Archaeological Society which began in 1903. The most important exhibits of the museum are parts of sculptures found in a temple that had been built there and believed to be from the complex of Damophon.


Information: (+30) 27240 81267

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War Museum of Tripoli

The War Museum of Tripoli in Arcadia opened in 2000 and houses heirlooms and mementoes from the Modern Greek history. It is divided into 11 sections that chronologically correspond to all the periods of the Modern Greek state. This museum is one of the five war museums that exist in Greece. It reminds us of the difficulties that our country went through so as to become a free and autonomous country.


Adress: Ethnomartyron 1

22100 Tripoli

Information: (+30) 2710 234410

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Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa

The historic and beautiful village of Stemnitsa has a Folklore Museum that was founded in 1985 so as to promote the local folklore tradition and more particularly the one of Stemnitsa. In the museum there are many different collections and exhibits. The exhibits on display are traditional costumes, textiles, embroidery, ecclesiastic implements and icons, representations of traditional workshops and houses, as well as various everyday life items that are characteristic of the local art.


Adress: Stemnitsa Gortynias 22024

Information: (+30) 27950 81252

Opening hours: daily (Tuesday closed)


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Folklore Museum of Tegea

The Folklore Museum of Tegea is situated in the historic park of the diocese of Tegea and it opened in 1996. It is on the second floor of a stone building and it has a large number of exhibits. The exhibits on display are various types of folk art, the largest part of which comes from donations that aimed at reviving the modern heritage of Tegea and to educate the future generations. It is open every day throughout the year. 


Adress: Tegea 22012

Free entrance

Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday 10.00 - 16.00
Information: (+30) 2710 55012

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