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“Cultural Summer” Municipality of Xylocastro - Evrostini

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The “Cultural Summer” in the municipality of Xylocastro is organized every summer and it includes concerts, performances, art exhibitions and sports activities. This cultural event starts in July and ends in August and it is certainly worth visiting.




The Great Days of Nemea – Nemea

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The “Great Days of Nemea” are a three-day celebration that is organized at the beginning of September. The most important organizers of the event are the municipality of Nemea and the Wine Association of Nemea. The goal is to promote the wines of Nemea and the surrounding area. This event includes visits to local wineries, sampling wines, tours to vineyards and various seminars on wine.


Information (Municipality of Nemea):

Tel: (+30) 27463 60132 & (+30) 27463 60118 




“Sikyonia” in the Municipality of Sikyon

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The municipality of Sikyon organizes every summer the event called “Sikyonia”. In this event the visitors can enjoy concerts, theatrical plays, various exhibits, traditional dancing and many more. This celebration lasts from July to August.



Nemean Games (every 4 years) - Nemea

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The municipality of Nemea organizes every four years the so called “Nemean Games”. Thousands of people and visitors from various countries take part in this event which includes running and long distance games. At the same time in the same place there are various cultural events with the aim of promoting the tradition of Nemea and other things.