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Vouliagmeni Lake - Loutraki

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Vouliagmeni lake is situated a few kilometres away from the city of Loutraki and more particularly, after the village Perachora. It is a lagoon that is 2 square kilometres long and 40 m. deep. Vouliagmeni lake is characterized by a beautiful natural landscape and the pine forest that surrounds it.



Stymphalia Lake – Trikala of Corinthia

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The most important wetland in the Peloponnese is Stymphalia lake. The lake is incorporated in the network Natura 2000 due to its valuable flora and fauna. It is characterized by its beautiful landscape and it is ideal for a walk or a picnic.



Lighthouse of Melagavi - Agrilaos

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In the peninsula Agrilaos next to the gulf of Alkyonides Islands there is the lighthouse of Melagavi that was built in 1897. This stone-built lighthouse, which is also known as “the lighthouse of Heraion”, is T-shaped and on its west side there is a square tower with a bird cage lantern in it. It is considered to be a typical example of lighthouse architecture.



Wetland of Feneou (Dam)

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The wetland of Feneou was created in 1998 and it is characterized by its large triangular shape. It is located between the prefectures of Achaea and Arcadia and it has been incorporated in the network Natura 2000. It is an ideal destination for a walk or a picnic.




Gorge of Fonissa – Kato Loutro / Xylocastro

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The gorge of Fonissa is located next to Xylocastro and close to the village Kato Loutro in the prefecture of Corinthia. It is a relatively small but beautiful gorge that was created by a river and it is cut off by a mogote. Its narrow walls form two large dark areas making the gorge look like a cave.
The gorge has been closed off since 1984 and it attracts thousands of visitors every year.




Hot baths of Loutraki - Loutraki

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The city of Loutraki is well-known for the hot baths that the Loutraki Thermal Spa offers to its visitors. The spa is located 5 km away from Isthmos and 80 km away from Athens.


24 G. Leka Street, 20300 Loutraki
Tel.: (+30) 27440 62186 & 22215

Fax: (+30) 27440 62187




Club Hotel Casino Loutraki - Loutraki

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The Loutraki Casino was the first casino in Greece and it opened in 1930. It offers services of high quality in an amazing environment.

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Admission: Every day / 24 hours 
48 Posidonos Street, Loutraki
Tel.: (+30) 27440 65501
Customer Service: (+30) 27440 60300