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Peloponnesian Horse Racing – Hurdle Jumping

The equestrian club of Kalamata organizes Peloponnesian horse racing –hurdle jumping at the facilities of the club every year. This event is considered to be very important. Athletes from all the equestrian clubs of the Peloponnese take part in this race. Admission is free.


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International Dance Festival of Kalamata (Kalamata)

One of the most important events in the Prefecture of Messenia is the International Dance Festival of Kalamata. Every year the International Dance Centre organizes the Dance Festival of Kalamata, which is well-known both in Greece and abroad.


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The Liberation of Kalamata (Kalamata)

Every year in the city of Kalamata we celebrate the so called Liberation of Kalamata. It is an event in honour of the battle that was undertaken so as to liberate the city from the Turkish rule. This celebration includes a race, the advent of the holy fire, hymns for the Holy Apostles and a trisagion in memory of the fallen heroes. We should mention the representation of the conquest of Kalamata, which then on led to its liberation.


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The Routes of the Olive Tree – Messenia

The non-profit foundation The Routes of the Olive Tree, which is located in Kalamata and was founded in 1998, aims at promoting the culture of the olive. This is achieved through a series of events, cooperations and activities. The starting point is ancient Pylos since most people say that the presence of the olive in Greece first started there in ancient times. This foundation has received many international awards such as an award by UNESCO in 2003 and by the European Council in 2006.


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Saitopolemos (Dart-war) – Kalamata

Every year at the Easter Vigil the tradition of “Saitopolemos” revives at the western beach of Kalamata in the Old Sfagia. The local custom dates back to the period of the Turkish rule, when the Greeks showed how brave and inventive they were while fighting against the Turks.
Those who participate in “Saitopolemos” are divided into the so-called “bouloukia” after they have appropriately prepared themselves by wearing a traditional costume and arming themselves with “saites” (darts) that they have made themselves from cardboard pipes that they fill with gunpowder. This special custom is greatly appreciated by the locals and the visitors of the city during the Holy Days, as it is a very special event and it reminds everyone of the glorious Greek battles.


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