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The Trails of Taygetos


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The most famous mountain in Messenia is Taygetos and it is ideal for walks and tours close to nature.


Itinerary Mistras – Taygeti – Monastery of Faneromeni

The itinerary starts at a stone-built trail that is situated north of Mistras at an altitude of 320 metres. From this point we walk at first towards the village of Taygeti, which is at an altitude of 700 metres. It takes about 60 minutes to reach this place and the itinerary up to this point is approximately 2.5 km long. There are a lot of trails at the village of Taygeti such as the well-known European Path E4, which heads towards the settlement of Anavriti, which is then on connected with a series of other trails and reaches the mountain shelter that is situated in Mount Taygetos.


Itinerary Parori – Panagia Lagadiotissa –Panagia Zagouna – Monastery of Faneromeni

This itinerary starts at the village of Parori, over which there is a small gorge. It is considered to be a very easy itinerary and it has an enchanting view of the plain of Lakonia. This trail leads to the cave monastery of Panagia Lagadiotissa and it continues parallel to the gorge. It takes about half an hour to arrive there. Then on, the itinerary follows the slopes of Agios Elissaios taking you to Panagia Zagouna and about an hour later you reach the well-known monastery of Faneromeni.


Itinerary Anavriti – Agios Ioannis

The settlement of Anavriti, which used to be regarded as the industrial centre of the area, is the starting point for numerous hiking itineraries and it is connected to the European path E4. One of the most beautiful and short itineraries is the one that takes us from the stone-built trail to Agios Ioannis, which is located to the east of Mount Taygetos. This itinerary lasts about 60 minutes and it is 3.5 km long. What it more, it passes by the gorge with a 400-metre difference in elevation.


Itinerary Kalivia in Soha – Soha – Lakomata – Tsarkos

A beautiful trail starts at the village Kalivia in Soha and it takes us at first to the church f Zoodohos Pigi (Life-Giving Spring) and continues through the plain of Sparta towards Soha, a stone-built settlement that is used as a hostel. This trail stops outside the settlement where it comes into a second trail that leads to Lakomata. This itinerary lasts about an hour and a half. At the end of the trail there is the European E4, which leads to the mountain shelter of Taygetos. If you go towards the opposite side, you will reach Tsarkos at an altitude of about 1,700 metres, where the Botanical and Geological Museum of Mount Taygetos is located.


Itinerary Maganiari Spring – Mountain Shelter of Taygetos – Top of Prophitis Ilias

This itinerary starts at an altitude of 980 metres from Maganiari Spring. The trail leads to the top of Mount Taygetos and crosses the forest. After about three hours we reach the springs of Varvara and then on, we arrive at the mountain shelter that is located at an altitude of 1,500 metres. The European path E4 passes by the shelter and leads to Lakomata and to Prophitis Ilias that is situated at an altitude of approximately 2,500 metres. The itinerary takes about 4.5 hours to hike and it is around 9 km long.


Itinerary Koumousta – Pentavli – Mountain Shelter of Taygetos

The trail starts at the settlement of Koumousta that is located on the slopes of Mount Taygetos at an altitude of 750 metres and leads to the area of Pentavli at an altitude of 1,200 metres. This beautiful itinerary lasts about 2 hours and it is 7 km long. At Pentavli we can choose to walk down the European path E4 that will take us to the mountain shelter at the top of Mount Taygetos.


Itinerary Koumousta – Monastery of Gola

The trail towards the monastery of Gola starts at the settlement of Koumousta that is located at an altitude of 750 metres. This monastery is characterized by the portrayal of ancient philosophers and it is unique in the south of Greece. The itinerary is almost 4 km long and it takes about 1 hour to hike it.