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Welcome to Argos...

Argos is a vibrant and modern city which has many suggestions for entertainment and lots of sightseeing, elements that compose a pole of attraction for many visitors every year. Been built onto the ancient city of Argos, it brings together many places of great historical value. Argos is located in the heart of the Argolic valley and is the largest city in the Prefecture of Argolis, in Peloponnese. It is located 135 Km from Athens, to which it is linked by road and rail. Its population is up to 24.239 inhabitants.

In the past…

Argos is one of the oldest cities of Greece (included in the network of the oldest European Cities), and of the first to be found in written historical findings, such as in the Iliad of Homer, who often refers to all the Greeks as “Argii”. “Inahos”, the son of God “Okeanos” (Ocean) and “Tithea”, is considered as Argos’ first king. The history of the city starts in the pre-Hellenic era (2600 BC) and continues in archaic times, when the city reaches its peak of prosperity and spread throughout a large part of the Peloponnese, under the tyrant “Pheidon”. Later, Argos became an important stronghold of the great Mycenaean civilization, founded by “Perseus”. In antiquity there was a famous school of sculpture and copper sculpture in the region of Argos, while many sculptors and copper sculptors used to live in Argos. Even during the period of the Greek revolution in “1821”, Argos played a key role because of its strategic location, while in 1833 the city was proposed to be the capital of Greece.


The city of Argos manages to combine the past with the present, the old and traditional principles with modern elements, and a fact that instates it among the most distinguished Greek cities. In addition to its archaeological interest, Argos has several neoclassic buildings of exceptional beauty, such as the “Kallergeo”, the City-Hall mansion, the “Konstantopoulio” mansion and the House of “Trikoupis”. The city also offers lots of accommodation options, interesting proposals for entertainment in bars and cafes, while the taverns and restaurants guarantee excellent and delicious Greek cuisine. In addition, throughout the year but especially during the summer, the visitor can watch various sporting and cultural events, performances at the ancient theatre and the castle of Larissa, while each Wednesday and Saturday morning, an outdoor market operates in the city centre. The city of Argos is just a few kilometres away from the coastal side of the prefecture and the idyllic beaches it offers.

Sight seeing

If you happen to come by or stay in this beautiful city, then
you can visit:


  • the pyramid of “Hellinikon” (late 4th century BC), that reveals the region's relations with ancient Egypt

  • the ancient marketplace of Argos

  • the Church of “Agios Petros” (St. Peter)

  • the Archaeological Museum of Argos, where many archaeological finds are displayed

  • ancient Epidaurus, Mycenae, (situated just a few kilometres from Argos) with the famous Gateway of Lions and the iconic tomb of “Atreus”

  • the ancient theatre of the 4th century BC, with a capacity of 20,000 spectators

  • the Roman Baths, the ancient “Odeon” and the “Criterion”

  • the Hill of “Larisa”, to the West of the city, where the local Medieval Castle dominates


How to go

By Car:

Argos is located at a distance of 140 km from Athens. Once you get on the Attiki Odos (towards Elefsina), continue your trip to the national highway Athens-Corinth for approximately 80 km (40-50 minutes). After Corinth continue on the Highway Athens-Tripoli (following the signs towards Tripoli) for approximately 35 km and finally take the exit to Argos (pay attention to the road signs) and continue your way for about 20 km, until you reach your destination.


Total travel time : 90-110 minutes

By Bus:

There are daily itineraries from Athens to Argos. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens. (KTEL Busses Kifisos - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens).


For more information please call:

KTEL Busses Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 - 5134588, 5122516, 4126126,

KTEL Busses Argos : ☎  (+30) 27510 67324


By Train:

OSE Train Station Athens : ☎  (+ 30) 2105131601,

OSE Train Station Argos : ☎  (+ 30) 27510 67212


For more information and itineraries, please visit the following websites:  and

Useful telephones

Police station Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 62945


Taxi Station Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 67678


Health Centre Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 24455-9


Pharmacies Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 66609


Post office Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 67336


Eurobank Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 23588


Marfin Bank Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 2751068228


Piraeus Bank Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 27000


Agrotiki Bank Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 67327


National Bank Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 65001


Alpha Bank Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 61813


KEP (Citizen Service Center) Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 69225


Municipality Offices Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27513 60700


Fire Department Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 22249


Archaeological Museum Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 68819


Ancient Theatre Argos :  ☎ (+ 30) 27510 63119


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