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Welcome to Leonidio...

Leonidio is the capital of the province “Kynouria” and the historical” Tsakonia” in the Eastern Peloponnese. It is located within a distance of 210 km from Athens and 95 km from Tripolis. The small picturesque town with the approximately 3500 inhabitants is a characteristic sample of “tsakonian” architecture. Traditional houses with thick white walls and colourful windows, cobbled courtyards and the famous mansions with their towers transfer the visitor into another age. It is built under the red rocks of Mount “Parnonas” and next to a plain full of olives trees, fruit trees and vegetables.

In the past…

Leonidio got its name in order to honour “Agios Leonidas” (Saint Leonidas), whose bones – regarding to a Myth - were washed ashore the coastline. In antiquity the region around Leonidio was called the "Garden of Dionysus" because of the strong worship to the ancient Greek God Dionysus. After the destruction of the capital “Prasto” in 1826 by the Turkish fleet, Leonidio was founded and designated as the administrative and economic centre of the whole region.



Nowadays Leonidio is a traditional and colourful city, especially during the summer months. Agriculture, however, remains the main source of income for local residents, and the benefits of the exploitation of the plain are irreplaceable. The saltiness of the sea is in harmony with the wilderness of the mountains, transform the town into an ideal tourist destination. Despite the large number of tourists visiting Leonidio every year there are no large hotel complexes. The city offers several rooms to rent and traditional hostels for your stay. Furthermore every visitor can enjoy the beautiful sea and sun and taste the fresh fish and traditional dishes offered by the taverns and restaurants.


Sight seeing

If you happen to come by or stay in this beautiful city, then you can visit:


  • the Monastery of “Panagia Elona” which is located at a distance of 17 km from Leonidio. The Monastery was founded by the monks “Callinicus” and “Dositheos” around the 16th century

  • the village “Plaka”, at a distance of 4 km from Leonidio. According to the findings of excavations it stands on the ground of the ancient city “Brasies” or “Prasies”.

  • Various picturesque small villages such as “Amygdalia”,” Peleta”, “Marie” and “Kounoupia” (18, 22, 39, and 33 km away)

  • the monastery of Saint Nicholas in “Sintza”, located at the northwest of Leonidio

  • the plateau of the Mountain “Parnonas”, where you can find one of the most exciting mountain paths of Greece

How to go

By Car:

Leonidio is located is located 210 km away from Athens. After you have entered the Attica Road, follow the highway of Athens-Corinth for about 80 km (40-50 minutes journey.). After you have left Corinth behind you, keep in the direction towards Tripoli (following the relevant road signs).After Tripoli follow the road to “Astros” (there are road signs). Just after you have passed Astros, turn right at the junction and continue your trip until you reach Leonidio (approximately 49 km distance).


Total duration of journey : 170-190 minutes


By Bus:

There are itineraries from Athens to Leonidio. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens. (KTEL Busses Kifisos - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens).


For more information please call:

KTEL Busses Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 5124910, 5132601, 5132834

KTEL Busses Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 22255

KTEL Busses Prefecture Arcadia : ☎  (+30) 2710 222560


By Train:

For more information and itineraries, please visit the following websites: and

Useful telephones

Police Station Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 22222

Taxi Station Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 22372

Health Center Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 22950 -1

Drugstores Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 - 22200 , 41449, 22230

Agrotiki Bank Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 222386

Ethiniki Bank Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 222375


Citizen Service Centre (KEP) Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27573 - 60215, 29083

Municipality Offices Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27573 60200

Fire Department Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 29199

Port Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 22384

Post office Leonidio : ☎  (+30) 27570 22219


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204 km


695 km


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