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Welcome to Katakolo...

Katakolo lies in the western Peloponnese, in the Prefecture of Ilia within a distance of 12 km from the city of Pyrgos - which is the capital of the prefecture- and 310 Km from Athens. It is a beautiful coastal city, which combines mountain landscapes and the sea. It is the second largest port in the prefecture and gathers a large number of tourists and cruise ships during the summer months. Katakolo is for sure a place where the visitor will need enough time to explore all of its beauties and to discover its natural magic.


In the past…

During the ancient times the town of Katakolo was located in the area of the ancient city “Fia”, near the beach of “Agios Andreas”. In the Homeric era it was a fortress, while during the Peloponnesian War it was often attacked by the Athenians. The region played an important strategic role during both the Byzantine and Medieval period. In the 6th century B.C. - after a strong earthquake - the port and the Acropolis of ancient “Fia” were totally destroyed and sank in the sea. Years later the “Billeardouins” built the beautiful castle “Pontikokastro” on the remains of the ancient Acropolis and named it “Beau Voyeur” or "Belvedere" (Greek = Kallithea =good view). After the liberation from the Turks, the former inhabitants of the town settled back to the current area of Katakolo and the city started to grow again.



Katakolo has many attractions waiting be discovered from its visitors. There are numerous archaeological sites in the region and many footpaths to walk through and admire the beautiful scenery, sunsets and the splendid colors of nature. Katakolo is quite touristic; it has many shops, several cafe bars and accommodations of good quality. It is also well known for its numerous seafood restaurants which are located near the coastline.


Sight seeing

If you happen to come by or stay in this beautiful city, then
you can visit:


  • the “Pontikokastro” , located at the northwest of Katakolo, built on a hill above the bay of “Agios Andreas” 

  • the historic Lighthouse situated at the edge of the port (it was built in 1855 by the French) 

  • the "Museum of ancient Greek technology" which includes an exhibition of numerous models and mechanisms of the ancient Greek technological discovery 

  • the "Museum of ancient Greek musical instruments and games” which includes many ancient Greek musical instruments and games 

  • the Church of “Agios Nikolaos” located at the central square

How to go

By Car:

Katakolo is situated at a distance of 310 km from Athens. Once you get on Attiki Odos towards Elefsina, continue your trip to the national highway Athens-Corinth for approximately 80 km. Leave Corinth behind and continue your way to Patras by following the signs. Continue your journey on the Patras-Corinth motorway for about 130 kilometers (approx. 90 minutes). Just before you enter Patra follow the signs and continue your journey on the national highway Patras – Pyrgos. At the point of the intersection of “Lasteika”, shortly before Pyrgos, turn to the right at the traffic lights and follow the way to "Agios Giannis" At the end of the street, inside the village turn right again. At a distance of a few kilometers you will reach Katakolo.


Total travel time : 200 – 220 minutes


By Bus:

There are daily itineraries from Athens to Katakolo. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens. (KTEL Busses Kifisos - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens).


For more information please call:

KTEL Busses Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 5134588

KTEL Busses Pyrgos : ☎  (+30) 26210 22592


By Train:

OSE Train Station Athens OSE : ☎  (+30) 210 5131601

OSE Train Station Pyrgos : ☎  (+30) 26210 22525


For more information and itineraries, please visit the following websites: and

Useful telephones

Police station Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 – 81730, 81731

Taxi Station Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 25000

Health Center Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 – 82300, 82360

Pharmacies Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 – 26165, 30122, 28945

Post Office Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 33080

Eurobank Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 31922

Piraeus Bank Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 40000

Agrotiki Bank Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 22520

National Bank Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 22536

Alpha Bank : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 22642

KEP (Citizen Service Center) Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 33290

Fire Department Katakolo : ☎  (+ 30) 199

Katakolo Port Police : ☎  (+ 30) 26210 41206

Museum of Musical Instruments and Games : ☎  (+30) 6942420157


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