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Welcome to Krestena...

Krestena is located in the Prefecture of Ilia and has a population slightly more than 2500 inhabitants. It is 20 Km from Pyrgos- the capital of the Prefecture- and 275 km from Athens away. Krestena is considered to be one of the most beloved destinations in the Peloponnese. The reason for that is its location- near ancient Olympia and the pine forest of Kaϊafas which is one of the most beautiful forests of Peloponnese. According to an old story the city took its name from Princess “Chrestena” who was the daughter of a Venetian local Lord.


In the past…

The area around the municipality of Skillountos, where Krestena belongs, is inhabited since the Stone Age. According to the mythology, the battle between the Centaurs and the Lapithes took place in that area. Later on the inhabitants of the ancient city of Skillountia and Pisa (another city near Olympia) had the supervision of the Olympic Games. In 240 BC, Polysperchon from Aitolia occupies the area and fortifies the castle of ancient Samia while in 219 BC, the region was occupied by the King of Macedonia Philip V, who nominated as Commander “Akarnanas Ladikos”. Eventually in 146 BC the city was concurred by the Romans and passed in the administration of Achaea. After the fall of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul) in 1204 the Franks arrived in Peloponnese and conquered the whole region. Many years later, more specifically in 1459, Skillountas was occupied by the Turks. A brief period of Venetian domination followed (from 1684 until 1715) but in 1715 it passed again to the Turks. The whole municipality of Skilloyntas took part in the liberation struggle in the year 1821 and contributed to the liberation of Greece.



Krestena is a welcoming quiet town with typical Peloponnesian architecture full of pine and palm trees. At the Southwest of Krestena, near the mountain Lapithas lays the beautiful Lake Kaϊafa where the visitor can wander on the lake’s banks and enjoy the beauty of the nature. On a little island in the middle of the lake you can find hot springs which are fabulous to spend a refreshing day and regaining your strength.Krestena can also be the starting point for many excursions to different beautiful places in the nearby area.


Sight seeing

If you happen to come by or stay in this beautiful city,
then you can visit:


  • the beautiful beach of “Kato Samiko” (5 minutes by car)

  • ancient Olympia which lies just 15 minutes away from Krestena

  • the monument of Krestanas heroes 

  • the Villa “Papalexi”, a beautiful historic building 

  • the archaeological sites at the local districts of “Trypiti”, “Platiana”,” Skilloyntia” and “Kato Samiko”

  • the forest of “Strofylia” which is perfect for a walk into a dreamy natural environment

  • the River “Alfeios” where you can enjoy various sports such as rafting or kayaking

How to go

By Car:

Via Tripolis: Krestena is located 275 km from Athens. Once you get on Attiki Odos, continue your trip on the national highway Athens-Corinth (approximately 80 km/40-50 min ride). After Corinth follow the way to Tripolis (attention to road signs - a distance of about 81 km/40 min ride). When you reach Tripolis continue your journey on the new highway towards the city of Kalamata. 30 kilometres before Kalamata at the “Allagi” turn right towards the city of Kyparissia (30 km – approximately 20 minutes). After you have reached the intersection at “Kalo Nero” (6 km before Kyparissia) continue your trip towards “Pyrgos”. Finally follow the signs to Krestena– Andritsena which will lead you to your destination.


Total duration of journey : 190-210 minutes


Via Patras: Krestena is located at a distance of 300 kilometres from Athens. Once you get on Attiki Odos towards Elefsina, continue your way on the national highway Athens- Corinth (approximately 80 km/50-60 minutes journey). Leave Corinth behind you and continue your trip towards the city of Patras. (135 kilometres - approx. 90 minutes). Just before you enter Patras follow the signs and continue your way on the “Patras – Pyrgos” Highway (approximately 65 kilometres/ 60 minutes journey). When you reach Pyrgos follow the signs towards “ Kalamata – Kyparissia”. Continue your journey on the highway Pyrgos- Kalamata for approximately 20 km and finally follow the signs towards Krestena – Andritsaina.


Total duration of journey : 210-230 minutes


By Bus:

There are itineraries from Athens to Krestena. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens. (KTEL Busses Kifisos - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens).


For more information please call:

KTEL Busses Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 5134110 - 2

KTEL Busses Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 22228


By Train:

For more information and itineraries, please visit the following websites: and

Useful telephones

Police Station Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 23333

Taxi Station Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 22940

Health Center Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 23500

Drugstores Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 24131 – 23760 - 22765

Post office Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 22235

Agrotiki Bank Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 22411

Ethiniki Bank Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 22377

Piraeus Bank Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 25030

Citizen Service Centre (KEP) Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 25717

Municipality Offices Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 22251

Fire Department Krestena : ☎  (+30) 26250 22199


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