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Welcome to Kyllini...

Kyllini is located in the western Cape of the Peloponnese at a distance of 90 Km from Patras and 295 Km from Athens. It has a busy touristic and commercial harbour which connects the Prefecture of Ilia with the islands Zakynthos and Kefalonia. For those who know better, Kyllini is not just a port to the coasts of the opposite Ionian Islands but a destination itself, as it combines ideally beautiful sandy beaches and nature. These features turn the place to one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in Greece.


In the past...

Kyllini is mentioned for the first time in Homer's Iliad where the murder of “Ottos Kyllinios” is reported. According to Pausanias Kyllini was founded by Arcadians who imigrated in the region from the Mountain “Kyllini”. In ancient Greece Kyllini was one of the most important ports of Peloponnese because it was the main sea- entrance to ancient “Ilida”. In 1204 - when the Franks came - a new city named Glarentza was built, which in combination with the port of Kyllini- which had been reconstructed- gave a great financial and cultural development to the whole region. In Middle Ages Kyllini was well known for the export of products such as raisings, wine, olive and cotton. In 1428 the territory of Kyllini passed into the hands of Constantine Palaiologos, the last Byzantine Emperor who was obliged to demolish the harbour in order not to let it fall into the hands of pirates. Since then, Kyllini lost a significant piece of its prestige and converted into one simple insignificant settlement. Since the mid of 19th century, after the liberation of Greece from the Turks til today the main economic sources of the wider area of Kyllini are agriculture, livestock, fisheries and of course tourism, which developed significantly during the last few years.



Kyllini of nowadays has almost 1000 inhabitants and have become a popular resort with modern accommodations. Numerous hotels, taverns and cafe bars offer all comforts for a pleasant stay. Thanks to the full- of- green surrounding area and charming waterfront area, with its quaint, clean beaches, the historic port and Castle, Kylini attracts more and more visitors every year. Kyllini has to offer more than just revitalising holidays. The visitor will be able to admire its fantastic landscapes, to make excursions to the beautiful nearby areas and enjoy the beauties of the western Peloponnese.


Sight seeing

If you happen to come by or stay in this beautiful city, then
you can visit:


  • the Holy Monastery of “Vlaherna”. The monastery is located just 2 km away from the harbour of Kyllini and is built on a location full of groves

  • “Chlemoutsi”, one of the best preserved castles in Greece. The Castle, which was built by the Franks, is located at the top of the Hill Chelonata

  • the famous Spas of Kylini, well known since the ancient years for their therapeutic properties

  • the small Island of Kafkalidas where you can see the ruins of an old church and Roman buildings, as well as the distinctive Lighthouse which was built in 1906. Accessed by boat from the coast

  • the exotic beach on “Loutra Kilinis”, which is 6 km long

  • the beach of Kafkalida with its fine sandy beach and beautiful surrounding area


How to go

By Car:

Kyllini is located within a distance of 285 km from Athens. Once you get on Attiki Odos towards Elefsina, continue your trip on the national highway Athens-Korinth (approximately 80 km/50-60 minutes journey). After you pass Korinth continue your way to Patras by following the signs. Continue your journey on the Patras- Corinth motorway for about 130 kilometres (approx. 90 minutes). Just before you enter Patra follow the signs and continue your journey on Patras- Pyrgos Highway (about 70 km/ 60 min ride). Then exit the Highway following the signs which will direct you to Kyllini (a distance of about 15 km).


Total travel time : 220 – 240 minutes


By Bus:

There are daily itineraries from Athens to Kyllini. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens. (KTEL Busses Kifisos - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens).


For more information please call:

KTEL Busses Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 5124910

KTEL Busses Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 22219


By Train:


For more information and itineraries, please visit the following websites: and

Useful telephones

Police Station Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 92202

Taxi Station Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 95219

Health Center Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 92222

Drugstores Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 92232

Post office Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 92215

Eurobank ATM Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 96412

Citizen Service Centre (KEP) Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 - 92488, 92194

Municipality Offices Kyllini : ☎  (+30)26230 92661

Fire Department Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 22199

Port of Kyllini : ☎  (+30) 26230 92211


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