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Welcome to Corinth...

Corinth is located in the northern part of Peloponnese and is the third largest city after Patras and Kalamata. It is the capital and the largest city of the Prefecture of Korinthia with approximately 30,000 inhabitants. It is built in the Corinthian Gulf, near the conjugation with the Saronikos Gulf, surrounded by the mountains “Onia” and “Akrokorinthos” and it is just 80 km away from Athens. Benchmark of Corinth is the Isthmus, a narrow strip of land which unites the mainland Greece - through the district of “Sterea Ellada”- with Peloponnese and separates the Saronikos Gulf from the Korinthiakos Gulf. Its width is approximately 6 kilometres, while the narrowest point is where the Canal of Corinth is built (1880-1893). The Isthmus of Corinth was a strategic point since ancient times and, because of that, a wall, had been built which maintained until Byzantine times.


In the past…

Corinth's history goes way back in the ancient times. The Pelasgians, inspired by its strategic location, erected in 4000 BC the first prehistoric settlements known as the “ Korakoy ” settlement in Akrokorinthos, 7 km from today’s current position of Corinth. Later, under the hegemony of Mykines (12th century BC), Corinthians will participate in the Trojan War for the repatriation of the beautiful Helena. Later, under the reins of the tyrant Periandros (6th century BC) the pages of the history of Corinth were full of brilliant moments. In the contrary, almost a century later, during the period of the Peloponnesian War (5th century BC) and the battle against the Athenians the city of Corinthos faced many catastrophes. The bright period returned again at the end of the 1st Millennium, when the city got under the command of Emperor Justinian. In the year 1210 the Corinthian castle was occupied by the Franks (1210) and later on came the subjection to the Turks (1459 until 1823). In later history, the devastating earthquake of 1859 was the reason for the city’s reconstruction at the today’s location...



Corinth offers to the visitors a wide range of entertainment and accommodation, since it has an excellent tourist infrastructure. You will find many coastal taverns and restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars, not only in Corinth, but also in the surrounding area, which will satisfy your needs. It can also be the starting point for many activities such as bungee jumping from the isthmus, mountain biking, 4×4 track and more. Those seeking a more mild escape will love the long walks at the beach, hiking or mountain climbing and the possibility to explore the city by bicycle. Corinthos offers countless attractions that reflect the historical background of the whole region. There are many archaeological sites that demonstrate the cultural development of ancient Corinth. The oldest Castle of Peloponnese named Akrokorinthos, Nemea with the Sanctuary of Zeus and the ancient city Sikyon are some of the most important parts of Greek history.


Sight seeing

If you happen to come by or stay in this beautiful city, then you can visit:


  • the Canal of Corinth, which is the second largest Mediterranean Canal after the Suez Canal and connects the Korinthiakos Gulf with the Argosaronikos Gulf

  • The “Akrokorinthos” with the imposing Castle and its rich history

  • the “kasteli tou penteskoyfi” which stands like a sleepless guard of the past

  • ancient Corinth, which lies just 5 kilometres from the todays city of Corinth

  • the Folklore Museum of Corinth which operates daily from Tuesday through Sunday from 8.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

  • the Museum of ancient Corinth where important findings from various periods such as geometric, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine are presented

  • the Conservatory of ancient Corinth, located just outside the main archaeological area of ancient Corinth

  • the Water Fun Park, which is located in Corinth 150m from the isthmus and 45 minutes away from Athens at the 83rd Km of the old national road Athens-Corinth. An amusement and entertainment park for all ages

  • The beach “Kalamia”, located just a breath away from the city of Corinth. It is well organized with Umbrellas and sun beds. This beach is one of the best beaches in the northern Peloponnese.

How to go

By Car:

Corinth is located 82 km away from Athens. Once you get on Attiki Odos, continue your journey on the national highway Athens- Corinth for approximately 80 km/40-50 minutes. Then follow the signs that will lead you towards the city centre.


Total travel time : 40 - 60 minutes

By Bus:

There are daily itineraries from Athens to Corinth. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens. (KTEL Busses Kifisos - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens).


For more information please call:

KTEL Busses Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 5150220

KTEL Busses Corinth : ☎  (+30) 27410 24481


By Train:

OSE Train station Corinth : ☎  (+30) 27410 81457

For more information and itineraries, please visit the following websites:  and

Useful telephones

Police station Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 81100

Taxi Station Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 73000

Health Centre Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 25711 -5

Pharmacies Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 - 24901, 71977, 85491

Post Office Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 - 22015, 86326

Agrotiki Bank Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 26690

National Bank Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 26303

Emporiki Bank Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 42131

Piraeus Bank Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 78000

Eurobank Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 72043

Alpha Bank Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 81271

KEP (Citizen Service Center) Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 83378

Municipality Offices Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 74000

Fire Department : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 85251

Corinth Isthmus Canal : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 30880

Museum of Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 25352

Museum of ancient Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 31207

Water Fun Park Corinth : ☎  (+ 30) 27410 81400


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