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Welcome to Kiato...

Kiato, seat of the municipality of “Sikyones” is located 22 km. west of Corinth and within a distance of 105 km from Athens. It is built in a fertile area, surrounded by thousands of orange and lemon trees. Many visitors choose Kiato as their holiday destination, due to its seaside location and the short distance to Athens. With a population of around 10,000 inhabitants who are principally engaged on agriculture it has become a major commercial station. The port of Kiato serves mainly the export of agricultural products such as currants, as well as the import of timber.


In the past…

Kiato is mentioned in Greek mythology by the name “Telchinia” or “Mykoni” and in antiquity, the name the city was “Sikyon”. The first inhabitants were the “Pelasgians”, who were expelled by the Achaeans. Finally the area was occupied by the “Dorians”. When, in 650-550 BC, tyrant of the region was Cleisthenes, the social life was very prosperous and during this period great orators, philosophers and artists appeared. During the 4th century BC in Sicyon the famous School of painting was flourishing, in which the painter Pausias had a leading role. In the same region the sculpture was glorified simultaneously, while the famous sculptor "Lysippos" was born and grew mature there. In 304 BC, Demetrius I “the besieger”, captured the city and then relocated it to the Mainland, on the plateau that stretches west of "Vasilikos", between the rivers "Asopos" and "Elisson". During the two centuries of Frankish domination (12th-13th), Sicyon occurs as “Vasiliko” or “Vasilika” and is a part of “castellania” of Corinth. In 1446 Murat II besieged and captured the village Vasiliko. Until the end of Ottoman domination it belonged administratively to Corinth.



Kiato is nowadays a busy tourist centre, as it has the longest beach in the eastern Corinthian Gulf, which is among the most beautiful in Peloponnese. At a short distance from Kiato, in the village of “Souli”, spreads the forest area of “Mougostou” (7.185 acres), ideal for those who love hiking. In parallel, those interested in history and culture will not be disappointed. The church of “Panagia of Kiato” - built in the 5th century AD- has been excavated, while at a distance of approximately 4 km. from Kiato, you can visit the ruins and the Museum of “Sicyon”.

Sight seeing

If you happen to come by or stay in this beautiful city, then
you can visit:


  • the Holy Monastery of “Kimisis tis Theotokou Lechobas” that is built on the eastern side of the mountain “Titan”, at a height of 1207 m

  •  the theatre of ancient Sicyon, one of the largest theatres of antiquity 

  • the Observatory of “Kryoneri”, founded in 1972

  • the beautiful forest “Mougostou”

  • the church "Basilica of Kiato"

  • the ancient warehouses of Kiato

How to go

By Car:

Kiato is located at a distance of 105 km from Athens. Once you get on Attiki Odos towards Elefsina, continue your journey on the national highway Athens-Corinth for approximately 80 km. Leave Corinth behind you and drive towards Patras for approximately 25 kilometres. Finally take the exit (attention to the road signs) which will lead you to the city of Kiato.


Total travel time : 60 – 80 minutes


By Bus:

There are daily itineraries from Athens to Kiato. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens. (KTEL Busses Kifisos - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens).


For more information please call:

KTEL Busses Kiato : ☎  (+30) 27420 - 22240, 22243

KTEL Busses Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 5124912


By Train:

OSE Train Station Kiato : ☎  (+30) 27420 22267

OSE Train Station Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 5131601


For more information and itineraries, please visit the following websites:  and

Useful telephones

Police station Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 20325

Taxi Station Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 20800

Health Centre Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 22222

Pharmacies Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 – 26349, 28505, 22541

Post Office Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 22291

Eurobank Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 27384

Emporiki Bank Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 20040

Agrotiki Bank Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 23913

Alpha Bank Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 28038

Piraeus Bank Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 20130

National Bank Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 22231

KEP (Citizen Service Center) Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 20841 - 43

Municipality offices Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 – 20326, 20328

Fire Department Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 21111

Observatory Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 51222

Archaeological Museum Kiato : ☎  (+ 30) 27420 28900


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