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Welcome to Kardamyli...

Kardamyli is located 38 kilometres southern of Kalamata, the capital of the Messinia Prefecture, and at a distance of 280 Km from Athens. It is a very popular tourist resort in Messinia because of its beautiful seaside location in one of the most fascinating areas of the Peloponnese. Kardamyli retains its ancient name and is referred to Homer's Iliad as the first of the seven States that King “Agamemnon” would give as dowry to Achilles, if he would marry one of his daughters.


In the past…

The first report of Kardamyli was made by Homer, who mentioned it to be one of the cities that King “Agamemnon” would give as dowry to “Achilles” if he would marry his daughter. During the national revolution against the Turkish occupation, the famous freedom fighter “Theodoros Kolokotronis” was hosted in Kardamyli, to prepare the revolution. Finally at the 21st of March, the “Mesomaniates”- with “Petrombeis Mavromihalis” as their leader- came from Areopolis and set the city of Kalamata free (23rd March 1821).



Modern Kardamyli, seat of the municipality of “Lefktro”, is an ideal starting point for tours to the Messinian Mani and the Southern Peloponnese. Not only in the past but also nowadays, the local economy is based on the production of olive oil and fishing. During the last two decades, the significant increase of Greek and foreign visitors was added, both in summer and winter time. The visitor of Kardamyli enjoys, besides the wonderful scenery, its warm hospitality and high-quality tourist services. The good traditional food, the pebbled beaches and the mysteries of the mountain “Taygetos” are the major assets that make Kardamyli a very attractive destination for holidays.



Sight seeing

If you happen to come by or stay in this beautiful city, then
you can visit:


  • the grandiose Church of “Agios Spiridon”

  • the ruined three storey Tower of “Mourtzinos”, built in 1807 and the also ruined Towers of “Patriarcheas” and “Doumpeas”

  • the old Kardamyli, a fortified complex of tower-houses

  • the settlements of “Petrovouni” and “Agia Sofia”, which offer captivating views to the Messinian Gulf

  • the settlement of “Agia Sofia” where the graves of “Dioskouri” (sons of Zeus and Leda) lie, carved on a rock

  • the Gorge of “Vyros” with a length of 19 km, perfect for hiking

  • the beaches “Kalamitsi” , “Delfinia”, ”Kalogria” and “ Fonea”

  • the full-of-green Isle of “Meropi” with the ruins of the Venetian city-wall and the small Church of “Agios Ioannis”


How to go

By Car:

Kardamyli is located within a distance of 280 km from Athens. Once you get on Attiki Odos towards Elefsina, continue your trip on the national highway Athens-Corinth for approximately 80 km. Leave Corinth behind and continue your trip with direction to Tripolis (attention to road signs in order not to lose the exit). After Tripolis follow the road towards “Megalopolis”-“Kalamata”. When you arrive in Kalamata take the coastal road of the town and finally follow the road signs which will guide you to Kardamyli.


Total travel time : 180 – 210 minutes


By Bus:

There are daily itineraries from Athens to Kardamyli. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens. (KTEL Busses Kifisos - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens).


For more information please call:

KTEL Busses Kalamata : ☎  (+30) 27210 – 23147, 22851

KTEL Busses Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 - 5134273, 5134293


By Train:

OSE Train Station Athens : ☎  (+30) 210 5297777

OSE Train Station Kalamata : ☎  (+30) 27210 – 95056, 95006


For more information and itineraries, please visit the following websites: and

Useful telephones

Police station Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 73209

Taxi Station Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 – 74497, 74323, 73433

Health Centre Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 73218

Pharmacies Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 – 73270, 77409

Post Office Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 73217


Agrotiki Bank Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 73697

KEP (Citizen Service Center) Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 64112

Municipality Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 73265

Fire Department Kardamyli : ☎  (+ 30) 27210 – 73209, 28585


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